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Stopping for Cotton
Heading home down country roads in South Carolina, I couldn’t resist stopping to film these soulful cotton fields in full bloom – Music by NeedtoBreathe.

Plant Wansley
Majestic Plant Wansley & peaceful countryside by drone. The late afternoon sun cast a golden light on Georgia Power’s Plant Wansley and the surrounding countryside.

From up high this grass farmer’s field shows off some very cool geometrics and when edited to music by Beck makes it an even deeper experience!

Crow Hop
Flying Crow Hop on the Chattahoochee at Langdale, Alabama on a picture perfect day. Edited to “My Beautiful Reward” by Bruce Springsteen.

Goose Step’n
I was filming an abandoned warehouse when a flock of geese dropped in and stole the show.

Black River Into Twilight
A short film of drone footage capturing the approach of twilight on the Black River just outside of Georgetown, SC

Conway After Florence
Surreal scenes from the flood caused by Hurricane Florence in Conway, SC. Edited to music by Kenny Chesney

Field of Dreams – Chattahoochee River at Fairburn Road
Drone flying around an old ball ground (and then some) by the Chattahoochee River at Fairburn Road during a late summer afternoon. Edited to music “I forgive it all” by Tom Petty.

The Survivor – Porterdale’s Big Stack
A tribute to a majestic brick smokestack, over a hundred years old, that survived demolition and stands as the tallest structure in Porterdale, Georgia.

Inlet Cruiser
A boat cruised under my drone as it made way into a quiet inlet on Lake Allatoona Georgia.

Trip’n on Sipsey
Drone footage from my road trip to Sipsey, Alabama was edited to keep time with a country tune by the Brothers Osborne.

Forgotten Fields
Dramatic aerial views of amazing Rice Fields abandoned after the Civil War in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Ethereal Stream
Ethereal music video of drone flight over remote Mountain Oak Creek in Georgia edited to “Seinn Alilliu” by Michael Patrick Kelly.

Flying the Lines
Check out this short drone flight over massive power towers in middle Georgia. Any closer and my drone would have fried from the electrical current!

Murrells Inlet Beauty From Above
Flying like a bird high above Murrells Inlet South Carolina to observe the incredible beauty of the seascape and inlet jetties below.

SEB island
An inspirational drone tribute to the solitude of Seb island and the surrounding Savannah River on the Georgia, South Carolina border.

Old Macon Circle Bridge
This old bridge in South Georgia is a work of art underneath that goes unseen by those who cross over.

Witness with drone a once beautiful cypress forest as it struggles to recover after massive clear cutting in South Georgia.

Power and Beauty
A mesmerizing drone flight over the magnificent Thurlow Dam that generates local power in the midst of beautiful ruins reminiscent of the old South.

The Frozen Erie
An icy blizzard descended on New York and turned Lake Erie into a vast frozen landscape. I sent the drone in flight high above the frozen Erie to get a look at this amazing wonder of winter.

Ocmulgee Floodplain
Drift by drone through a flooded forest and pine fields of the Ocmulgee River floodplain below Macon, Georgia

Old 17
Get a birds eye view of a section of beautifully abandoned Highway 17 as it once ran next to historic rice fields in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Low Country High Water
While driving through South Carolina, I stopped for a break to film the flooded Congaree River and it’s vast bottomland forest.

Nottely Gray
Lake Nottely in Blairsville, Georgia falls into shades of gray as it transcends into an artful waterscape under Winter’s overcast sky.

Land where the Longleaf grows
Explore by drone a serene Longleaf Pine tree forest then hover high above the surrounding countryside.

The Bombogenesis Effect
Shocking yet beautiful drone footage of the frozen Chattahoochee river caused by the Bombogenesis effect.

Deerfield Observation
A brief aerial observation of a deerfield in Winter near the Alcovy river.

Save 44 Acres
44 Acres of pristine forest in Tucker, Georgia could soon be lost forever to development. Take action to save this precious natural resource before it’s too late.

Desolationscape Arabia Mountain
Remnants of early 20th century mining has forever scarred Arabia Mountain. What remains today is a desolationscape of haunted beauty.

A late afternoon of flying over mud flats along the Coosa River reveals pleasant moments under the warm Southern sky.

A brief inspection of an old fallen bridge with bent and twisted iron beams resting in ruin in Sweetwater Creek.

This film ethereally documents from dawn to day as the Sun gently rises over the Atlantic ocean. Filmed in Litchfield Beach, SC.

It was just a nice fall day in the small Southern town of Rome, Georgia. I was left undisturbed to drone over an abandoned grain factory on the outskirts of the city.

I discovered this isolated grove of Cypress trees along the Flint River and was captivated by it’s transcendental nature.

This ancient Indian Trail Tree was shaped by Native Americans more than a hundred years ago. It still grows peacefully by the Flint River.

Plant Scherer
A day of droning on Lake Juliette Georgia where Plant Scherer towers over the landscape.

Altamaha Air
Drone footage high above and up close on abandoned train bridge on Altamaha River in South Georgia.