03:23:12 – Oconee High Water



The bros and I put in on the Oconee River at Milledgeville, GA with the idea that we would paddle up river to inspect the Dam. However, just around the corner from the landing, the water level was running too high to get over a couple of rapids. After a couple of attempts we explored a power station ruin and drifted downstream on a calm flat current. We beached the boats on a couple of big sand banks at about 4 miles. Storm clouds were blowing over in waves. Spring was delivering renewed life to the land and river. The paddle back against the current was a gut burner. After a good long struggle with the Oconee, we made it off the water at about 7:00pm and ended the day in a BBQ shack.

By the way, I’ve paddle the Oconee here a couple of times before and the water level was much lower than this trip so a reverse paddle to the Dam should not be ruled out.