05:04:12 – Alcovy Green Space, GA



This is a tract of protected green space where Cornish Creek meets the Alcovy River near Covington, Georgia. It’s under the care of the Georgia Wildlife Federation and the home of a mystical tupelo gum tree swamp. It was well worth getting wet and muddy just to walk under the cover of these tupelo gums. Tall stalks reach for the sky and blossom with leaf covered branches shaped like fingers on a hand waving in the breeze. Everything under the canopy took on a green tint. There are many grassy pastures around the swamp. Walking through one I picked up the skull of a 10 point buck with it’s antlers still attached. I walked out swinging the antlers to wave off the briars and spider webs. I only saw one other person and that was a caretaker at the parking lot. Don’t try to visit on a weekend because the space is locked down. It’s open to the public Monday-Friday until 5:00pm and parking is free.