06:07:13 – Flint River at Po Biddy RD, GA


This overnighter started out from the Po Biddy landing just south of Thomson Georgia. When I arrived  the landing was nearly covered with building material for a new bridge under construction. The sky was overcast and the Flint river was full and moving fast. It was intimidating to say the least. I paddled against the current hugging the bank.  I had to portage over a few serious drops that were no joke. One slip and I would have been washed down river. Between the drops were stretches of flat water that offered minimal resistance and a chance to regain my strength. By late afternoon I made it to a large shoal in the middle of the river that was covered in fresh green river grass. Dawson stirred up a deer and it bounded off the shoal into the water. A saw a black hog heading in the opposite direction. I pitched camp on a sandbank a few hundred yards up a side creek. I wanted to paddle further up the creek but a fast-moving triple-decker drop stopped me from going further. The sandbank was just beside it and offered the sound of falling water to sleep by. At dusk it rained. I strung up a tarp in an overhanging branch and built a fire in the sand. The steak cooked up nicely as the rain fell.

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