06:26:11 – Yellow River








06:26:11, Georgia, 33° 41.472’N, 83° 59.737’W – A friend and I dropped in on the Yellow river at Milstead, GA near Conyers. There’s a beautiful old dam here holding back the river providing plenty of back up to paddle up river without much of a current to fight. We paddled 4 miles or so past some old bridge pylons and a bit further up inspected a stone building in ruins on top of a granite rock bed. The sun was high and mighty and the rock bed was frying. We tramped back to the river and chilled under the cool shade.

The put in is a bit dicey but I’ve never had any trouble in the 3 or 4 times I’ve visited. Park your car off to one side in front of the yellow gate to the pumping station. You’ll have to drag your boat for about a 100 yards through the woods. Look for a path just inside the gate.

If you want to inspect the dam (and it is a real beaut!) then paddle across the river and walk to the downside. The waterfall is great! Just further downstream you can inspect the ruins of an old cotton mill up on the hill.

This spot is definitely worth a few visits.