03:24:12 – ITT Dawson Tree, GA



Take a day to visit an Indian Trail Tree in Dawson Forest. Put in at Kelly bridge landing (3 bucks to park) on the Etowah River. Reverse paddle up the river until you arrive at the first big creek that flows in on the left. Paddle up this creek to this small creek. Ditch the boat and proceed on foot up the stream for a couple of hundred yards and you’ll spot the tree on the left bank. The distance to the tree is about 2.6 miles oneway from the landing.

If you have more time afterwards drift back out the creek and turn left on the Etowah, heading up stream. In just a few hundred yards the hillside will rise to expose a boulder field of steep rock outcrops on your left. Park the boat and climb up. There’s a really nice cliff that looks way down the Etowah.