07:12:13 – Town Creek Gorge, AL



I traveled to Alabama to kayak up Town Creek off the Tennessee River.  The paddle took me through a gorge with towering cliffs. The forest had been blown down by a tornado. Trees were clipped at mid-height looking beat all to hell.  A lot had fallen in the water. There was no beach. The water level was at full-pool. After 6 miles the gorge narrowed. I paddled until rapids stopped me. There was a campsite on the left shore. A great spot. In the woods on the right I heard what sounded like the wind blowing through the trees but it was a waterfall trickling down the gorge wall. I pulled over to investigate and walked into a shangri-la. I stood at the base of a gorge-ous wall of ancient rock towering to the sky. A hugh tree had fallen off the cliff and was leaning precariously against another tree. The flow from the waterfall cut a path along the base of the gorge wall and provided a cushy path of moss and muck that I walked on for some distance. The air was cool and wet.  It was hard to leave this beautiful place. I sat down on a log and didn’t move for some time. Afterwards I camped at Bucks Park State Park in the primitive area beside South Sauty Creek. It was jammed packed with massive boulders.


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