07:06:13 – Longnose Creek, SC


Longnose creek flows into the Tugaloo River.  The river is the South Carolina, Georgia Border.  The creek is on the SC side of the River. I put in at a landing outside of Toccoa, GA at the HWY 365 bridge. The river was full to the brim.  I was counting on Longnose to be the same. It was. I entered the mouth of the creek paddling under a bridge. The creek overflow created a flooded forest on both sides. The color was coffee with cream. The trees leaned over the creek showing the way. I was in the green. The water chilled slightly. Mist rose off the surface. I heard the sound of tumbling water. It got louder. My heart started pounding. I was confronted by a solid wall of water spilling over a rock face that stretched across the entire creek. Turbulence in the water held me back. I sat there entranced in the kayak. I pulled over and climbed behind a couple of boulders for a closer look. Over the sound of the waterfall I thought I heard voices.  I peeked over the boulders and saw two stink-pots and a jet ski that just pulled up full of disgustingly clean people. I remembered this was Saturday. Time for me to go. I paddled through boat exhaust and left. Once out of sight, I pulled the yak over and hiked up the ridge back to see the top-side of the waterfall. There was no one up there.