06:24:11 – Flint at Woodbury













06:24:11, Georgia – Got an early start today for an hour 40 minute drive to Woodbury, GA to paddle the Flint river. Upon arrival at the dirt boat landing the Flint was in good form; plenty of water and not a swift current. I set off for a 7.5 miler up stream to a big shoal. Right away I could tell this river was special. The water was clear and cool and hardly any trash floating about. Ancient looking trees with wide ragged trunks lined the bank. I had a feeling I just traveled back in time.

About 2 miles into the paddle I spotted a bobcat sitting on the bank. What a rare sight. Ah, the advantages of kayaking! I stilled the boat, reached for my camera and hoped that Dawson wouldn’t startle this cool wild cat before I could take a few photos. I slowly nudged the boat closer and got my wish. Then Dawson let out a gurgling growl and the bobcat took off up the cliff side and disappeared quicker than the blink of an eye. Man, that was a fast cat!

After a few more hours of steady going, I made it to the big shoal. I stowed the boat, grabbed my gear and set off on foot to check out the remains of a bridge that once cut across the river. All that was left were concrete and stone pylons lined up like sentinels across the shoal. Shallow pools made it easy to wade from one to the other.  This is a great place to hang out and cool down in the hot summer sun.

It was a pleasant late afternoon drift back when I rounded a turn and saw a white billy goat standing on a fallen tree over the river.  He just stood and stared as I got close enough for a few photos. Perhaps he was out for a little adventure like myself.

If you’re looking to paddle a beautiful and quiet stretch of the Flint river, I highly recommend that you try this one.

Put in here and paddle up river:  32° 59.357’N,  84° 31.753’W