10:26:14 – Old Atlanta Prison Farm, GA

A friend and I went looking for a spot one morning to photograph graffiti. We got a tip to pay a visit to the old Atlanta prison farm that once housed up to 1000 inmates (including the tipster). The prison closed in 1995 and was abandoned. When we arrived the building was wide open. We walked straight through the entrance past a wall of prison bars. The place looked well trafficked. Just about every available wall space was covered in pretty amazing graffiti. We wandered down long dark corridors, inspected large community rooms and empty prison cells. In about 45 minutes a police officer pulled up and told us we were trespassing. Opps! We said we heard the city left the prison unattended. It was a long shot excuse but he didn’t bust us. He said the city permits it out for movies sets and whatever other activity they deem appropriate. The following week after we were there somebody set the top level on fire. That just made it more appealing in my book. ┬áThe final chapter of the old Atlanta prison farm is yet to be written.