06:21:13 – Okmulgee at Bullard RD, GA


a-IMGP9032After driving down a muddy road through a clear-cut field Jeromie and I arrived at Bullard landing on the Okmulgee river south of Macon, GA. It was flooded. We paddled up the river anyway wondering where we would camp. We went against the current as usual and it didn’t let up all day.  The sandbanks were covered in water as well as much of the swamp for as far as I could see.  A couple of low flying military aircraft passed overhead on approach to Warner Robbins AFB as we kept pushing up river.  At 4.22 miles I spotted the only available high ground so we set up camp for the night in the jungle. I climbed a tree to get higher than the bugs. After dark a super-moon rose above the river. The night crawlers were in full chorus. I picked a few ticks off me before going to bed.

Click here to listen to the night crawlers. 

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Click here to listen to the night crawlers recorded on my iphone.