09:06:13 – Ocmulgee River below Lake Jackson, GA


a-IMGP0140Today I’m heading to the Ocmulgee River below Lake Jackson, GA. The drive to the drop in is taking me down miles and miles of graveled forest road in the Piedmont WMA.


a-IMGP0144 a-IMGP0147 a-IMGP0154 a-IMGP0157
This is the point where I realize I missed the creek flow. I’m stuck between the creek on the right and the river on the left.

a-IMGP0161a-IMGP0168 a-IMGP0175 a-IMGP0177I climbed up to the top of a fallen tree to take a photo to try and show the vastness of this place.

a-IMGP0184 a-IMGP0186 a-IMGP0191a-IMGP0196 a-IMGP0200

a-IMGP0209I leaned against the kayak to have lunch and the boulder behind it shifted. I thought nothing of it until I tried to leave. The boat strap was wedged tight under the boulder. I tried everything to pull it out but I had to burn the strap off the boat to get free.

Found this in the mud bank. Someone lost their anchor.

a-IMGP0218 a-IMGP0229There’s a Mill ruin out here. I’m walking in a canal that once redirected water off the river.

a-IMGP0243 a-IMGP0250 a-IMGP0251 a-IMGP0256I made it back to the landing just in time. While I was packing, the water rose at least a foot due to the Dam-release up river. That was a close call. If I had stayed out a half hour longer I would have been in the soup!

a-IMGP0259 a-IMGP0264