05:18:12 – Etowah Factory Falls, GA



For a day of paddling through clear cold water to an old man-made waterfall constructed in the 1930’s then put in on the Etowah river in a well-kept park at the base of Lake Allatoona Dam. Upon entering the park look for a posting of when the water will be released from the Dam. Time your day on the river according to your physical condition. You’ll need to be in good shape to paddle against the current back to the landing but you can manage if you’re an experienced paddler. So, that being said, push off and head down the beautiful Etowah river.

You’ll pass under bridges, water pipes and railroad tracks before reaching a man-made waterfall/dam next to a mining factory. Ditch the boat on the top side and walk down. This fall is two-tiered with the second level flat enough to walk. You can literally place your had against the dam wall while standing in the middle of the river.

On the left side of the factory there’s a ruin of a power house hidden in the woods behind a picnic area you can explore. ¬†On the right side of the factory are several water-treatment fields you can walk.

When late afternoon arrived so did the water released from the Allatoona dam. The river rose about 3 feet. As predicted, the paddle back to the landing was a real gut burner.